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Mares 2

LM Hawks Mae West.
AMHA/AMHR 34" Sorrel Tovero Mare; DNA & PQ'd.
Sire: CHAMPION FARMS NIGHTHAWK (33.75" Bay Pinto, LWO+).

Mae is the mother of two of our First Knights Billy Idol get - our Grand Champion stallion, Reaux and our beautiful palomino broodmare, Rosie.  Mae's sire speaks for himself & makes her a granddaughter to Lazy N Redboy; great granddaughter to Rowdy.  Her dam is heavily Blue Boy bred.  Mae is a treasure to have and enjoy well after her breeding years are through.  She's my sweetheart.
Ferrands Triple K Mi Te Hot Fire.
AMHA/AMHR 30.0" Black Overo Mare, Blue eyes.
Sire: LTDS MI TE IMPRESSIVE (32.5" Black Overo).
Dam: SUTHERLINS LITTLE JUJU (29.75" Black Pinto).

Fire's sire is a full brother to our LTD's Mi Te Hypnotic, making her a granddaughter of the late LTD's Magic Man.  Her dam is a Black & White Splash Pinto of Komokos, Stouts and Fishers breeding.  Fire is a tiny, extremely correct little gal and a great producer thus far of 2 look alike colts with ice blue eyes when bred to our Reaux and Denali.  Foaling a Black Frame colt by Reaux and a Smutty Buckskin Frame colt by Denali.  BOTH colts sold to Faithful Friends Miniature Therapy Horses in California.
Cross Country Stealing My Heart.
AMHA/AMHR 33.0" Buckskin Overo Mare; DNA & PQ'd.
Dam: CROSS COUNTRY PAINTED MOON (31.5" Chestnut Pinto).

Heart is a beautiful double bred granddaughter of  Lazy N Red Boy sired by Rowdy.  Heart is all Cross Country breeding on both sides of her pedigree.  One of Hearts full sisters, Cross Country's Sweet Dreams, was a Multi-World Champion Top 10 producer, Dam of 2008 AMHA Honor Roll Champion Amateur Jr Stallions 30" & under, 2009 Champion Produce of Dam Central Regional Championship show, Dam of 2011 AMHA Honor Roll Champion Youth geldings 13 & over.  Heart's prior foals for us have sold for therapy.
Sacred Hearts Mystery Knight.
AMHA 31.0" Buckskin Mare; DNA & PQ'd.
LWO Negative.
Sire: LM IDOLS KNIGHT IN WHITE SATIN (30.0" Cremello).
Dam: CROSS COUNTRY STEALING MY HEART (33.0" Buckskin Overo, LWO+).

Mysty is a beautiful little buckskin sired by a World Top 10 son of First Knights Billy Idol.  On her dams side, she's double bred Lazy N Red Boy sired by Rowdy.  She's produced tiny & correct buckskin, palomino and perlino foals that have matured at 30"-31".
Lovette Farms Kisses In The Dark.
AMHA/AMHR 33.0" Buckskin Mare; DNA & PQ'd.
Sire: RFM AMIRS ZODIAK (33.0" Perlino).
Dam: REECES FANCY HAWK (34.0" Bay).

Piper is a beautiful little buckskin granddaughter of Aloha Acres Amir Or IC, a buckskin roan.  She is double bred RFM Foxfires Fancy Don't Let Me Down.
White Tails Electro White Diamonds.
AMHA/AMHR 33.0" Palomino Mare; DNA & PQ'd.
Sire: LITTLE KINGS ELECTRO BUCK (32.5" Buckskin).
Dam: CLARIONS COCO CHANEL (33.75" Silver Bay).

Cashmere's sire is a son of Boones Little Buckeroo and his dam doubles up on the well known and respected Flying W Farms Blue Boy bloodlines.  Her dam is double bred Boones Little Buckeroo, making Cashmere a triple bred Boones Little Buckeroo granddaughter.  She, as with the other minis I've purchased over the years from Marlene at White Tail Minis has a very loving and gentle nature.  Cashmere produces nice, tiny and correct foals.
Triple Ks Boogies Bonanza.
AMHA/AMHR 32.0" Black Mare; DNA & PQ'd.

Bonanza, aka: Nana, is a daughter of World Champion producing sire, Little Kings Boogie Buckeroo, a Buckeroo son & Komokos Little King Supreme grandson.  Her dam is a daughter of Little Kings Buck The System, a Buckeroo son.  Bonanza doubles up on Buckeroo and Komokos Little King Supreme.  She's produced wonderful offspring for her previous owners & our Azul is a daughter to Bonanza and Denali.  We're excited to see what she produces for us before her retirement.
White Tails Denali Azul.
AMHA/AMHR 33.0" Smoky Black Mare.
Sire: ROGERS HSR DENLI BUCKER00 (32.0" Perlino).

Azul is a result of Marlene Graves very selective breeding at White Tail Miniatures.  Since part of Marlenes sell down, I'm grateful to own both Azul's sire and dam.  Azul is a triple bred Boones Little Buckeroo granddaughter and Komokos Little King Supreme.  This current winter photo does not do this breathtaking young mare any justice.  She really loves to show herself off with her floating, high stepping, tail flagging action, especially in the summer with her sleek beautiful coat.
White Tails Bonus Platinum Blonde.
AMHA 32.0" Silver Dapple Mare.
Sire: ALLIANCE SCOUTS BONUS (31.5" Black).
Dam: ARIONS PLATINUM BABE (31.0" Silver Buckskin).

Darla is a very nice & correct little Silver Dapple mare.  Her sire is a L&D Scout and Boones Little Buckeroo grandson.  Her dam is an Alvadars Double Destiny daughter.  Darla is double bred Buckeroo on top and bottom. 
White Tails Billion Dollar Baby.
AMHA/AMHR 31.5" Smutty Buckskin Mare; DNA & PQ'd.
Sire: LITTLE KINGS A BILLION BUCKS (32.0" Seal Brown).
Dam: DE CHEVALS VELVET NOIR (31.0" Black).

Tippy is a very unique little mare. She's registered as a Dun but I believe she's a Smutty Buckskin with a counter-shaded dorsal stripe.  Tippy is a granddaughter of Grosshills Velvet & Lace making her a great granddaughter of Rhotens Little Dandy and Rowdy on her dam's side.  Her sire is a son of Boones Little Buckeroo and RFM Foxfires Fancy Don't Let Me Down. 
Valley View London Hawk.
AMHA/AMHR 31.5" Silver Red Dun Overo Mare; DNA & PQ'd.
Her FULL Color & Pattern Panels revealed: aa, ee, Dnd2, nZ and nO.
Sire: REECES NIGHT HAWK (33.0" Black Overo).

London is a granddaughter of 4 Gs LITTLE KINGS ALFALFA PLEASURE back to LITTLE KINGS ALFALFA PLEASE, KOMOKOS LITTLE KING SUPREME, Wodan Light Vant Huttenest, Irsul Vant Huttenest.  She has been a great asset in our program producing tiny, quality foals primarily dilute and dun for us (only 1 sorrel, the rest are dilute and/or dun).
COH Dawns Delight.
AMHA/AMHR 29.0" Cremello Mare; DNA & PQ'd.
Sire: LITTLE KINGS BUCK THE SYSTEM (30.75" Smoky Black).
Dam: LITTLE KINGS DAWN DREAMS (33.0" Buckskin).

Dawn is a National Champion producing mare.  She a granddaughter of Boones Little Buckeroo and Little Kings Supreme Dream.  She's very sweet and gentle mare.  I reluctantly sold her to a wonderful home in 2019 but regretted my decision to part with her from the moment I committed to sell her.  Thankfully her purchaser gave me the opportunity to purchase her back when they decided to offer her in the spring 2021 so I immediately jumped at the opportunity to bring this beautiful little mare back home for good.
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