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UKC American Leopard Hounds

We have been raising quality UKC American Leopard Hounds since 2016, but have owned the breed many years prior to starting breeding.
ALHs are very intelligent and versatile dogs.  They are very gentle dogs that make great family pets &/or hunting/tracking dogs for whatever your sport may be (raccoon, bear, cougar/bobcat, bird, etc).  Our past pups have been placed and succeeded for it all - including THERAPY, SERVICE and SHOW dogs and even herding dogs. 

Our Leps are primarily our pets and recreational hunting dogs first and foremost. Our original hounds were used to hunt raccoons. Now we're venturing into deer recovery with our young stock. We breed once a year and have currently 2 adult breeding females & 1 male (as well as some up & coming females of various ages).

*** 02/14/2024: This page will be updated soon to show our adults and young stock. We have recently acquired a show quality UKC black male puppy from champion show stock to hopefully cross with our females we have retained from both our breeding females and male currently (1 adult female & our male are nearing retirement in the next few years and are enjoying the leisurely life, no longer hunting, though they'd love to still go!). AVAILABLE: At this time we have 1 Leopard Hound/Red Heeler mix FEMALE pup available as a result of my red female (Harvey/Waylon) getting bred to the Amish next door neighbors dog unfortunately. She is Black with White toes/chest/neck with some speckles on her neck/chest patch. Born 11/23/23. $150. Vaccinated and dewormed regularly.  ***


Red Female #3
Mature ~ 55-65 pounds. NFS.
Brindle Female
Mature ~ 55-65 pounds. NFS.

Blue Leopard
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Red Leopard Brindle
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