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For Sale

For Sale!

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Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
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We are considering offering our LTD's Magic Man son and our Ten Ls Destiny In The Buff son on our Stallions Page. 

Mares/ Fillies~


AMHA/AMHR Buckskin Mare.  21.5" at Birth.  DOB: 04/28/17.
Measured 32.5" on 12/09/21.
Dam: TRIPLE7FARM BUCKS CLASSY REFLECTION (34.0" Perlino w/ rear socks & 50/50 tail).

Faline is back up for sale through no fault of her own sadly due to previous purchasers financial situation.  Her sire is a grandson of Champion Farms Nighthawk, back to Lazy N Redboy & Rowdy, Double O Seven Moto and Johnstons Super Charger.  Her dam is TRIPLE bred BOONES LITTLE BUCKEROO going back to Rowdy & Komokos Little King Supreme.  She has NOT been LWO tested.  Adult photos were taken on 12/09/21.  She has never been bred yet due to our personal choice but if not sold, she will be bred to my mothers First Knights Billy Idol grandson later this summer.

Faline is very straight & correct in her legs and bite.  She's young and ready to train any way you like -- She is NOT broke to ride or drive. 



Triple7Farms Sacred Easter Lilly.
AMHR 32.0" Buckskin Overo Mare; LWO Positive; Possible Splash.  DOB 04/24/2011.
Sire: KICKAPOO'S SACRED SPIRIT (32.0" Bay Tovero, LWO+).
Dam: OAKWOOD'S CRITTERS LITTLE FEATHER (33.0" Palomino Tovero, LWO Neg/ Splash).
Lilly is a very sweet & correct mare.  Even though you can't really see her spots in the photos, she's a light Buckskin Overo, having Palomino spots & only faint black rimming her ears.  Easy to handle & catch.  Stands great for the farrier & grooming.  Easy breeder & foals unassisted.  Previously Lilly foaled a Perlino colt and Perlino filly by our original Perlino stallion (previously sold).  Lilly has had a Bay Sabino Frame Overo Medicine Hat Filly, Buckskin Frame Overo colt, a Cremello/Perlino Overo colt and a 2021 Sorrel Pinto colt, all sired by our Grand Champion BILLY IDOL SON.  Lilly's 2021 colt sold to KY where he's in training to become a SERVICE/ Therapy miniature!  He is showing GREAT progress in everything.  Lilly can be bred back the same way for 2023, for an additional fee. 

SOLD!! Lilly is going to a great family to start her ventures becoming a Service Mini!! Thank you - I'm greatly looking forward to seeing her progress during her journey!
"Buckette" Dixie Chick Shabley - Ultrasounded IN FOAL for 2022.
AMHR 32.25" Buckskin mare with countershade Dorsal, DOB: 04/29/2017.


Buckette is a very sweet, young mare going to Boones Little Buckeroo.  COH BT Versace, Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too, Little Kings Buckeroo Dejavu, Little Kings Baja Buckeroo right on her papers.  She's a sweet mare that is very easy to work with.  Catches in pasture without grain (in fact, comes right to you looking for attention).  She's used to being handled by my 3 yr old godson nearly daily  and he's always out in pasture with them.  She has been started RIDING UNDER LEADLINE earlier this summer.  Buckette has been bred to my mothers Palomino BILLY IDOL SON (not my Grand Champion son) for 2022.  She had a TINY sorrel colt at her side sired by him (her first foal).  By birth calculations, he's set to mature at 30". He's been sold to a great family with aspirations to start a Therapy facility in time.
**Located at my parents farm with daily exposure to my 4 yr old Godson & his 1 year old brother; grandmother in a motorized wheelchair & LOTS of farm activity/machinery.**
*** UPDATE - Buckette foaled a 21.5" Black colt on 5/11/22.  $4000 for the pair or $1800 for her colt. *** 


Triple7Farm Magic Reign Of Serenity -2 in 1.
AMHR Registered Buckskin Pinto Filly; Ice Blue Eyes.  25.5" at Birth.  DOB: 04/09/2016.  Possible LWO.
Measures ~36" currently.
Sire: SPIRIT OF THE NORTHS WIND DANCER (34.5" Bay Sabino Frame Overo, LWO+).

Serenity goes back to LTD's Magic Man, Shredder, Rhapsody's Ready to Reign, Bar-G's Rock "E" and 4 G's breeding.  This spunky girl has lots of drive!  Beautiful movement.  She would make a great driving mate with her mother, for sale below.  Serenity had a beautiful Palomino colt sired by our Grand Champion Billy Idol son (born 5/26/21).  He has been sold.  Serenity is exposed back the same way for 2022. She has passed her check backs by the stallion and is showing foal / not come into heat for 2022 yet, but also not US confirmed.  She is due between 7/14 - 8/13/22 based off her 300-330 days gestation.  She's only being offered for a limited time longer before she'll be pulled until after foaling. 
FOR SALE! - $6000. as a 2 in 1.


Triple7Farm Davina Hawks Destiny.
AMHA/AMHR Black Medicine Hat; Blue Eyes.  DOB: 9/13/14.  Possible LWO and Splash. 
24" @ Birth.  Measures 35" on 4/26/20.
Dam: FERGIES LIL CINDERALLA OF HAWK (33.5" Black Overo- LWO+).  Could carry Splash.
Coal Black & White with 2 stunning blue eyes.  Her dam is LWO+, possibly Splash (haven't tested her yet).  Davina is a granddaughter to ALVADARS DOUBLE DESTINY and REECES SHADOW OF A HAWK (LWO+ Black Splash Overo) back to 4 GS LITTLE KINGS ALFALFA PLEASURE.  Bloodlines also include BOONES LITTLE BUCKEROO, KOMOKOS LITTLE KING SUPREME, Reeces Foxfires FancyDontLetMeDown, Oak Forest Wild Streak, East Acres Golden Jubilee, Bond Dynamo and Gold Melody Boy.  Davina is straight & correct. Very nice mare!
Stands great for grooming, hoof trimming and ELECTRIC CLIPPING!  Catches, leads, very gentle & used to children.
She had her first foal in MAY 2021 by our Grand Champion Billy Idol son (Black/Smoky Black blue eyed filly with a star & snip).  Davina can be bred back the same way for 2023 for an additional fee. 

FOR SALE! $2500.


Fergies Lil Cinderalla Of Hawk - potential 2 in 1.
AMHA/AMHR 33.5" Black Tovero Mare, 2 Blue eyes. DOB: 6/10/2006.  DNA & PQ'd.
LWO Positive; Possible Splash.

Sire: REECES SHADOW OF A HAWK (31.5" Black Splash White, LWO+).
Dam: FERGIES SANTANA (33.0" Silver Dapple Pinto).

Cinders is a GRANDAUGHTER to 4 GS LITTLE KINGS ALFALFA PLEASURE.  Cinders goes back to KOMOKOS LITTLE KING SUPREME, Reeces Foxfires FancyDontLetMeDown, Oak Forest Wild Streak, East Acres Golden Jubilee and Gold Melody Boy.  Sweet mare that is very easy to work with.  She's a great dam!  Foals unassisted, lets you handle the foals immediately.  One of her fillies, Davina, is also for sale above.  Her other foals that I have bred (out of my stallions) have matured at 34" & under.  We intentionally left Cinders open for 2020 (as we don't breed every mare each year).  Cinders had a gorgeous Blue eyed, Black Pinto colt sired by our Grand Champion Billy Idol son in 2021.  She has been exposed back the same way for 2022 & has passed her daily checkbacks.  She's HUGE with foal but not ultrasound confirmed.  She is due between 6/7 - 7/7/22 based off her 300-330 days gestation.  She's only being offered for a limited time longer before she'll be pulled until after foaling.

FOR SALE! $6000 as a 2 in 1.   


Triple7Farm Mi Te Hypnotic Diva
AMHA/AMHR Registered Dark Bay FILLY.  Blue eyes.
23.25" at Birth.  DOB: 05/20/2019.

Nadia is bred to the hilt.  An LTD's Magic Man granddaughter.  Boones Little Buckeroo, Little Kings Techno Buck, NFC Rowdy Eclipse, Fallen Ash Scouts Twinkle Toes, L&D Scout. Dam is a Buckskin Splash, LWO negative.  Sire is our Black LWO+ stallion.  She is a very personable filly, always looking for attention!  So laid back!  Currently, she's about 32" as a coming 3 year old. Will measure soon for an exact.


~Prices & availability are subject to change without prior notice.
 ~We may offer multiple purchase discounts & Short-Term payment plans- PLEASE ASK IN ADVANCE.
1.  Deposits are required to hold a horse for a buyer.  Deposits are non-refundable (Certified Bank Check, Cash, Money Order, Money Gram, Western Union or PayPal). Minimum deposit of 25% of purchase price is required.  A 'Purchase Agreement' outlining Payments, Payment Due Dates, and Deadlines will be sent to all buyers who decide to purchase on a Payment Plan.  Buyer is responsible for PayPal usage fee if PayPal is preferred.  **Personal Checks must have D.L. information.  Buyer is responsible for all fees associated with NSF.**
2.  A horse is considered Sold on the date payment / deposit is received and the buyer is responsible for the horse on that date.
3. Horses will not leave until paid in full with Cash/Money Order only (if balance is due at pick-up). We reserve the right to refuse any sale.
4. Vet checks are welcome at buyers expense.  All horses are sold "AS IS" unless otherwise stated in a written contract.   Seller is not responsible for accidents, injury, or illness to foals/horses during the payment or boarding period prior to the foal/horse being picked up.
5.  Coggins & health papers are the buyers responsibility. Coggins & health papers are not done until deposit is received & transportation is arranged.
6.  Buyer is responsible for arranging transportation, however, if needed & you're within the states SURROUNDING WISCONSIN (MN, IA, IL, & upper MI), we may be able to deliver for a fee- Husband is a LICENSED HAULER.  Buyer assumes all responsibility and risk during transport.
7.  We will hold said Miniature for 30 days post receiving a deposit.  After 30 days, board of $5.00 per  head/per day will be charged (Exception is unweaned foals. Unweaned foals are to be picked up within 30 days of their weaning date, after 30 days, a board fee will apply).  Buyer is responsible for all farrier & vet costs. 
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